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Welcome to Hollow Records and The Hollow Recording Studio. At the Hollow Studio our mission is to  provide professional, affordable recording services in Northwest Arkansas. The studio features 24 track recording, two isolation rooms and a 20 x 28 main room.  We can take your project from the start to finish. We can record your music, mix it to CD, create tray cards and inserts, print titles and text on the CD (no labels), do the duplication and finish it all off in a shrink-wrapped package. All at one place and at a price that might surprise you. We offer flexible appointment times to meet your schedule. We also offer remote recording should your project call for that. Check out the links above on the specific area of interest. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, drop us an email or give us a call.




Resources for Musicians


 Bob Baker's Buzz Factor

Want to promote your own music? Check out Bob Baker's Buzz Factor. Bob has some great tips for indie song writers, musicians and bands.  

Galaris Independent Music

Independent musicians "one stop" for news, articles and an online music store. Dedicated to helping the independent musician. 


Most people don't realize what a great resource ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) provides. They not only collect royalties for musicians but provide tons of information on their website covering everything from the music, press packages as well as tips for creating your own website.   


Taxi is the world's leading independent Artist & Repertoire company. Since 1992, TAXI has specialized in giving artists, bands, and songwriters real access to the people in the music business who have the power to sign deals.


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